Red Ape Arenga Forest Sugar 250g

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Red Ape Arenga Forest Sugar
Arenga palm sugar is pleasantly delicious, lightly fruity and with notes of caramel! Arenga palm sugar is a complete and organic sustainable substitute for refined sugar. It is not calorie-free but is considered a low glycemic product: Just like with coconut sugar, the glycemic index of sugar from the Arenga palm is around 50, comparable to that of brown rice or whole wheat bread. You could call it a slow sugar, as it is absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream as regular (beet or cane) sugar. More in-depth info on the arenga palm sugar projects can be found on the Red Ape or Masarang foundation website.

"Sugar palm" is commonly used as a term for species of palm trees that can harvest sugar; this can be a coconut palm or date palm. Our sugar palm is Arenga Pinnata. The cool thing about this palm is that it needs forest to grow in. So income from tapping the tree means that the community leaves the forest intact and are much less likely to sell their land or communal forest to destructive palm oil companies. 

Sugar palm has large leaf structure that make it very efficient in capturing sunlight. The tree converts sunlight, rainwater and CO2 into sugar-sap. The sap is tapped from the stems of the flower bunches. The sap has been traditionally used to make palm sugar, vinegar, and alcohol drinks. The sap ferments immediately and it is essential to preserve the sap freshness in order to make good quality palm sugar.

From roots to leaves, every part of sugar palm is beneficial for people. Sugar palm can provide 60 different useful products, from food to bio-ethanol to furniture, and continuous income for the local farmers. A true miracle tree indeed!vPalm sugar is probably the oldest form of sweetener known to mankind. It's a native ingredient in the South East Asian cuisine. Red Ape palm sugar is produced in a zero-waste and earth-friendly factory, in collaboration with the Masarang Foundation.

The foundation supports forest protection and reforestation, both using the Arenga Pinnata as key element to encourage the local population to respect the forest the palms grow in, and to respect the wildlife, such as the orangutan (our Red Ape).

Deutscher! Der Verein "Lebensraum Regenwald e.V." aus Nürnberg unterstützt die Masarang-Stiftung durch Promotionsaktivitäten in Deutschland. Wenn Sie mehr Informationen über den Verein "Lebensraum Regenwald e.V." benötigen, besuchen Sie bitte:
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