Roo'Bar superfood bars

ROO'BAR, a delicious RAW + Super Food snack

Producer and initiator:
Anita and Kalin managed the first organic food shop in Sofia, My Organic Market. Initially Anita was making RAW bars by hand in their store. People liked it so much that one day they decided to make it big. They joined hands with Yani Dragov, the manager of Bulgaria’s leading organic distributor Zelen Bio. They put together all their skills, effort and funds, and after 9 months Roo’bar was born – the organic raw food bar with superfoods.

We expect many more heatlhy and exciting new flavours to come out of their hands this year. Send us an email at info[at] if you want to sell Roo'Bar in your shop.


Roo'Bar 30g repen

Roo'Bar 60g proteine reep

Roo'Bar 50g repen